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Boxwood combs

Boxwood is outstanding for its bright colour and makes combs with high stability. These wooden combs are quite elastic and can resist bending and striking much better than peachwood combs. Additionally they have an extraordinary smooth surface and comb hair as smooth as horn combs do. Contact with water will result only in a small decline of smoothness but likely cause a light deforming of shape.

Wooden combs polished with a plant made wax are available as "natural", "engraved" and "painted" versions.

>>All available boxwood combs in our shop << Please click on the pictures for a closer look:
Boxwood comb,
SPYSH2-29, hair styling comb with very narrow teeth, length 21.5 cm
wooden combs SPYSH2-29
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Boxwood comb,
SHY0202, wide teeth handle comb, length 20 cm, teeth gap 3 mm.
wooden combs SHY0202
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Boxwood comb,
SHY0301, very fine teeth handle comb, length 18 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm.
wooden combs YHSHY0301
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Boxwood comb, No. Shm2-1,
length 18.5 cm teeth gap 1.5 mm
wooden combs Shm2-1
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Boxwood comb,
Shm2-9, wide teeth, length 18.5 cm
wooden combs Shm2-9
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Boxwood hair styling comb,
Shm6-1, length 15.5 cm
wooden combs Shm6-1
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Little hair styling comb,
Shm8-2, length 13.5 cm
wooden combs Shm8-2
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wide teeth boxwood comb,
SHY0601, length 12 cm, teeth gap 3 mm
boxwood pocket comb SHY0601
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small pocket boxwood comb,
KCSHY0701, length 10 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm
boxwood pocket comb KCSHY07012
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hand painted wooden combs: SHY4-5, , length 16.5 cm handpainted boxwood comb
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hand painted wooden combs: SHY7-9, blossom,
length 12.5 cm
handpainted boxwood comb
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