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Rare wood combs

Combs with more precious woods and design are listed here. These wooden combs are more durable and and the strong material makes it possible that these combs have very long lifetime with good care.
Most wooden combs consist of two parts tightly fixed together, so they can resist water and bending much better than the single-wood-combs. Additionally the curved form of the fixed parts make our wooden combs much more stable than normaly glued ones.
But avoiding contact with water will also for these combs result in a longer lifetime.


>>All available rare wood combs in our shop << Please click on the pictures for a closer look:
Wide teeth handle comb Chakate Preto, YHCGB0202,
Length 20 cm
rare wood comb SPCGB2-31
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fine teeth womens comb, made of strong Chakate Preto, SPCGB5-28, Length 14 cm wood comb SPCGB5-28
top top
wide teeth pocket comb, Chakate Preto, YHCGB0601,
Length 12 cm
pocket comb YHCGB0601
top top
New: wide teeth slim handle comb, Bubinga / Chakate Preto, ZHM2-17,
Length  19 cm
rare wood handle comb ZHM2-17
top top
Fine teeth handle comb, red-brown coloured Bubinga
Length 20 cm
fine teeth wooden comb YHHDS0201
top top
wide teeth handle comb, red-brown coloured Bubinga
Length 20 cm
wide teeth wooden comb YHHDS0205
top top
Katalox wooden comb with handle and wide teeth,
length 20 cm
rare wood comb YHTMD0202
top top
Narrow teeth pocket comb, strong Katalox wood, YHTMD0502,
Length 14 cm
fine teeth wooden comb YHTMD0502
top top
Amaranth handle comb with fine teeth, ZLL032
Teeth gap 1.5 mm; Length 21.5 cm
wooden handle comb ZLL032
top top
Amaranth handle comb with wide teeth, ZLL033
Teeth gap 4 mm; Length 20.5 cm
amaranth wood comb ZLL033X
top top
Long hair Vera wood comb, very wide and long teeth
teeth gap 4-5 mm; length 20 cm
Vera wood comb for long hair
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