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Smooth wooden combs made of chinese peach wood from Carpenter Tan

Peachwood with its rather dark colour has been used in China since ancient times, especially for protection against evil.
The wood is very hard and won't split of any grains which could cause torn out hair by combing. So peachwood combs stand for a much smoother combing compared with most common wooden combs. But because of its hardness peachwood can break easily when falling on stone ground or by bending. Therefore peachwood combs must be handled carefully and also have to be protected from water if the polished surface shall remain smooth. But polishing the survace with some natural oil after contact with wet hair will keep the wooden combs smooth.

The new combined peach wood combs are quite unbreakable and cover the wide range of combs usage. Some models now also have a rounded teeth ground for smoother combing and protecting the hair.

>>All available peachwood combs in our shop << Please click on the pictures for a closer look:
Big handle comb with very wide teeth, teeth gap 5 mm
Length 22 cm
wooden comb PKM1-10
top top
Big handle comb with wide and long teeth, teeth gap 3 mm.
Length 22 cm
wooden combs PKM1-6
top top
Big handle comb with narrow teeth, teeth gap 1.5 mm
Length 20 cm
wooden combs PKM2-3
top top
Big hair dressing comb with wide and narrow teeth, teeth gap 3 mm / 1.5 mm, PKM1-6-3,
Length 20 cm
wooden combs PKM1-6-3
top top
hair styling comb with very narrow and narrow teeth, teeth gap 1 mm / 2 mm, PKM1-4-2,
Length 19 cm
wooden combs PKM1-4-2
top top
Small handle comb with fine teeth, teeth gap 3 mm. New with rounded teeth ground and sword fromed teeth. PKM3-3+,
Length 17.5 cm
wooden combs PKM3-3+
top top
hair dressing comb with wide teeth, teeth gap 3 mm, PKM4-6,
Length 16 cm
Pfirsichbaum Holzkamm PKM4-6
top top
hair dressing comb with very wide teeth, teeth gap 5 mm, PKM4-10,
Length 15.5 cm
wooden combs PKM4-10
top top
Small fine teeth hair dressing comb, teeth gap 1.25 mm, SPYTM5-24
Length 14 cm
wooden combs SPYTM5-24
top top
Pocket comb with very wide teeth, teeth gap 6 mm
Length 12 cm
wooden combs PKM9-10
top top
Pocket comb with wide teeth, teeth gap 3 mm, TM10-7,
Length 10 cm
wooden combs TM10-7
top top
Pocket comb with narrow teeth, teeth gap 1.5 mm, TM10-2,
Length 8.5 cm
wooden combs TM10-2
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