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Detangling combs and hair brushes

Very special combs are the "Deatngling-combs" of Carpenter Tan, with teeth inserting technology. Their round polished teeth allow an extraordinary smooth combing and massage the head`s skin while combing. These combs are made of strong Katalox, Bubinga or Black Chakate wood polished with natural wax or slightly lacquered in order to protect the wood against water and dirt.
We also offer some extraordinary hair brsuhes made of fragant vera wood with wooden teeth or inserted boar bristle.

>>All detangling combs in our shop << Please click on the pictures for a closer look:
Big handle Detangling comb made of Katalox with two teeth rows, HDSC2-10,
length 20 cm
Katalox detangling comb HDSC2-10
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Big handle Detangling comb made of Bubinga with two teeth rows, CCHDS0103,
length 22 cm
Bubinga detangling comb CCHDS0103
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Big handle Detangling comb made of Bubinga with one teeth row, CCHDS0202,
length 20.5 cm
Bubinga detangling comb CCHDS0202
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Small handle Detangling comb made of Black Chakate with two teeth rows, CCCGB0301,
length 18 cm
Chakate detangling comb CCCGB0301
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Vera wood hair brush with smooth leather inlay and wooden teeth, SHHF-2,
length 21 cm
Vera wood hair brush
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Vera wood hair brush with boar bristles, YTZH2-1,
length 18 cm
Vera wood bristle hair brush
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