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General conditions of sales, delivery and payment for retailers

§ 1 Scope of application

(1) These conditions only apply to orders placed by retailers from outside Germany. Agreements not being part of these conditions shall only be deemed valid if they are confirmed in writing. We will only agree to conflicting conditions of the customer if we expressly accept them.

(2) These conditions will apply for all future transactions done with the customer without further notice.

§ 2 Prices and payment

(1) All our prices are excluding transport, transport insurance and VAT. For shipping within EU countries 8 EUR irrespective the order volume will be charged.

(2) The customer is obliged to transfer the payment to the given account. Other ways of payment must be expressly agreed by us. Cash discount can only be deducted if we have given a written agreement.

(3) Bills of goods shall be payable within 30 days after receipt. If the purchase price is not paid as agreed LeBaoLong reserves the right to apply default interest at a rate 8 % above the current discount rate of the European Central Bank, unless a higher level of damage caused by default can be proven.

(4) Reasonable adjustments of prices in the case of changing costs for purchasing goods or transport may be possible if the time between confirming the order and proposed date of delivery exceeds 3 month.

(5) The buyer shall not be entitled to withhold payments on account of claims made under the warranty or to deduct unrecognized counter claims from the purchase price.

§ 3 Delivery

(1) The delivery time stated commences with the date given on the confirmation of order. Delivery dates are quoted to the best knowledge and belief of LeBaoLong, but are not binding. Even when the delivery date is expressly guarantee, LeBaoLong shall be exempt from all liability if delivery is delayed as a result of any circumstances for which LeBaoLong is not responsible. Part deliveries and partial invoices for units supplied in workable condition are permissible. Risk passes to the customer when the goods leave the warehouse.

§ 4 Retention of Title of Ownership

(1) Goods delivered remain the property of LeBaoLong until such times as all claims of LeBaoLong arising from transactions with the customer have been paid in full.

(2) The customers is obliged to handle the goods with care as long as the ownership has not passed to him.

§ 5 Warranty

(1) LeBaoLong warrants that the goods shall be exempt from fault at the time of passing of the risk. Any visible faults must be notified in writing immediately after delivery, at the latest within 7 days, hidden faults must be notified in writing as soon as they are detected. The warranty does not apply to damages incurred in transit, the carrier is generally liable in such cases.

(2) The statutory warranty period applies. Claims arising from faults after a 12 month period are null and void. The period begins with the transfer of the goods to the customer. Should, within this time period any faults in the goods arise which vastly impair their value or suitability, LeBaoLong will immediately remedy these faults after receipt of the problem definition.

(3) Upon the sole discretion of LeBaoLong, the warranty will be effected in that subsequent improvement to the goods will be made or the customer will receive fully-functional goods delivered free of charge.

(4) In case of failure of subsequent improvement the customer reserve the right of option to either debase or to withdraw from the contract.

(5) The warranty does not include insignificant difference from agreed colour and design if its not part of contract.

(6) As a rule, returns to LeBaoLong must be agreed in advance with us. Returns shall be sent at the buyer’s risk, packed with care - to ensure that no damages are sustained in transit - and returned to LeBaoLong freight paid. If the buyer returns goods, freight unpaid, LeBaoLong shall be entitled to refuse to accept the consignment or to invoice the charges thus incurred. Return consignments of goods damaged in transit shall be sent at the consignor’s cost.

§ 6 Right of return

(1) Goods not sold by the retailer after a 3 month period can be returned to LeBaoLong. All returns must be agreed in advance with us. Returns shall be sent at the buyer’s risk, packed with care - to ensure that no damages are sustained in transit - and returned to LeBaoLong freight paid. LeBaoLong shall be obliged to refund the purchase price paid within 14 days after receipt.

(2) Returned goods shall be in same condition as they were delivered by LeBaoLong to the customer, otherwise LeBaoLong is not obliged to refund the paid price. This rule also include the belonging packaging of goods.

§ 7 Invalidity of one provision

(1) The invalidity or inoperativeness of one or more provisions of this agreement does not affect the validity of the rest of the agreement and the remaining other provisions shall thereby remain unaffected. An invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision that approaches the interests intended by the parties.

§ 8 Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

(1) The place of performance is Regensburg. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

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