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Wood and horn combs and other handicraft from Carpenter Tan

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Carpenter Tan combs
How is working at Carpenter Tan like? >>>
Based on family carpentry tradition Mr. Tan founded in 1993 the company "Tanmujiang" or "Carpenter Tan". Starting as a small comb workshop Carpenter Tan now has developed to a medium-sized company well known throughout China for its high quality and well designed wood combs. More than 400 stores in China sell Carpenter Tan's combs and accessoires. In Hongkong and other Asian countries they are known under their international brand TAN'S.

While manufacturing furniture Carpenter Tan follows Chinese tradition, but for wooden and horn combs and accessoires it combine characteristic Chinese design with new ideas and manage to stand out from the mass market products which flood the world. Carpenter Tan is a Chinese premium brand for wooden and horn combs and other handicrafted gifts.

The product range mainly consist of horn and wooden combs mostly made of a kind of peach- or boxwood. All combs and other products are fine polished, feeling very smooth and are extraordinarily comfortable for combing. Also the quality of all products like hair brushes, pocket mirrors, hair clips, hair pins and accessoires will highly satisfy the consumer.

It should be also mentioned, that the happiness of all employees is an important part of the company's policy. In addition the company brings jobs to an rural area in central China and also employ many disabled people.

Our combs contain all kind of wooden comb, horn comb for long or short, curly and straight hair, small combs for your pocket and long ones for the bathroom as well as some ornamented wooden combs as beautiful gifts.

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